Foam Laminating Products

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Foam Laminating Applications

We have developed a line of durable fabrics for the lamination and foam forming industry. End uses for these fabrics are extensive, including: backpacks, footwear, public safety accessories, sports equipment, and medical and automotive products. We are currently knitting a variety of fabrics including: 100% nylon, nylon and Lycra® , polyester, Cordura®, CoolMax®, Kevlar®, Vectran® and Nomex®. There are important advantages to using our knitted fabrics vs. woven fabrics:

  1. Our knits stretch and conform to the widest variety of contours.
  2. Dye lot sizes for nylon and Cordura can be as low as 50 yards, giving you the opportunity to purchase what you need and avoid costly material excess associated with required large minimum purchases. We dye all nylon and Cordura in house, to your color standard.




  • Four Way Stretch
  • Double Knits

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Foam Laminating Products are often made from these materials.